About DaVinci's Pizza

Our Story

Scott King and Craig Blanton have been friends and neighbors for many years. While sitting around at Craig's fathers home, they discussed business ventures and decided upon a pizza restaurant concept. They researched and visited many pizza restaurants over the next five months. They decided to make pizzas the way they would like to have them served to them, pizzas full of meats and vegetables to the edge of the crust, flavor combinations that compliment each other and are visually appealing to the eye. DaVinci's Pizza was born 

Our Mission

Not all pizzas are created equal.

Our mission is to create a pizza for you that is as good as any you have ever had.

Scott and Craig pour their heart and soul into making the best pizza possible with daily made dough, great flavorful meats and freshly cut vegetables. If a pizza doesn't look good, it doesn't taste good! They have made pizzas that are as eye appealing and they are great tasting. 

Come on by and give us a try, you wont regret it

If you want great pizza served with outstanding service by our servers, Stop by DaVinci's Pizza. We have received great reviews across all reviewing websites, come by DaVinci's Pizza for what many have said is either the best or one of the best pizza they have ever had.